Another Jesus Even Among Conservative Adventists?

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This is what is on the back cover....

"In the fear of God, and in all solemnity, I must tell you that if you are a conservative Seventh-day Adventist male there is a very real possibility that you have accepted: "Another Jesus." I must also tell you, the stakes are far too high not to find out.
"In the same fear of God and the same solemnity, I say to every conservative Seventh-day Adventist female: although the likelihood that you have accepted this same false Christ is definitely less, the possibility is still there. And even if you have not, the men that you love so much - your husband, your father, your sons - may have.
"I realize that what I have just said may be pretty disturbing, but I believe with all my heart that it is true, and that the seriousness of the situation calls for solemn words and solemn pleas. I am convinced that multitudes of sincere, Spirit of Prophecy loving Seventh-day Adventists have accepted an understanding of Christ and of righteousness that will cause them to lose out on eternity.
"Please, try to realize how real is Christ's warning: "If it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."" Allen Roesch
"What the author has stated on the back cover, unfortunately, is all-together too true. This is a subject that deserves serious consideration." Agatha Thrash, MD

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