CBD Oil for Cats & Dogs

by Tammy  

Many of you are Dog & Cat owners & lovers, just like me! And just like us humans, our pets get old, too. And with age, comes aches & pains, sore hips, legs and knees, just like us. But, when they hurt, they can’t tell you, “Hey, I don’t feel good, my hip hurts, slow down.” No, instead, they lay around more, look sad, move a lot slower and don’t run and jump and play like they used to. It makes you sad as you watch them struggling and you wonder, “What can I give them that will help them that doesn’t have any nasty side-effects?”
Well, here is the answer! CBD Oil! Just like CBD Oil helps many people with pain, so it also helps animals in pain. This study comes from the National Center for Biotechnology Information, U. S. National Library of Medicine and is a .gov site.

I’ll simplify the study here, and then give you the link to the full study at the bottom of the page.

2 mg of CBD Oil and a Placebo was used in this “blinded, cross-over study.” Each dog was given 2 CBD Oil – 2mg treatments or placebo oil every 12 hours. Each treatment lasted 4 weeks with a 2-week washout period. Baseline assessments were done by the veterinarian and the owners before starting the treatment and at weeks 2 & 4. Blood tests and physical exams were performed at each veterinary visit. At the end of the testing period, the Clinical Results showed that the dog “a significant decrease in pain and increase in activity with CBD Oil.” “No side-effects were reported by the owners. “This pharmacokinetic and clinical study suggests that 2 mg/kg of CBD twice daily can help increase comfort and activity in dogs with OA.”
So, rather than give your dog expensive drugs that have harmful side-effects, give them CBD Oil!

Here is the study by PubMed.Gov