B&W Ointment (Burn & Wound) Testimonies

I hope you enjoy our collection of Testimonies from clients who have used the B&W Ointment:

July 12, 2014, a Saturday evening just as my husband and I were about to crawl into bed, the phone rang.  It was a good Amish friend of ours who lived about 30 minutes away. He asked us if we had some of the B & W Ointment on hand as they had a burn emergency. His 14 year old son had accidently dumped boiling water on himself and was badly burned. We told him we did, and that we would be right out.

When we got there, the boy was moaning and groaning and in terrible pain.  The house was very dark, they had no electricity, so they wore these little battery operated lights on their heads to get around the house at night.  It was summer time, the windows were open, and there were lots of flies. I was very worried about infection setting in.  My husband went to the closest town and brough back some ice to try to bring as much heat out of the wound as possible, as the poor boy was just on fire. His left arm from his hand to his shoulder were badly burned and his left right knee and foot were very badly burned, also.  We helped the parents wrap him up with the B & W Ointment and made him as comfortable as possible.  

The next day, they contacted some Amish who treat burns all the time, and they came to their house and helped them change the dressing every day for a couple weeks. The parents would change the dressing once a day and the other people would come and help them do it again the 2nd time, each day. Al and I went back every other day to take pictures of the progress. It was really wonderful to watch the improvement made every time we went back. Infection never set in, and in just over a month, the boy was back to work and nearly as good as new!

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