Basic Whole Wheat Bread Recipe With Variations

100% Whole Wheat Bread

(Tammy’s Recipe)


3 c. cool water                               3 c. hot water

½ c. soy lecithin                              ½ c. gluten flour

½ c. honey                                     1 Tb. sea salt


Mix together in large mixing bowl, while mixing, add whole wheat flour until dough is thick, then add ¼ c. yeast. Continue mixing, and add flour until dough is not sticky, where it can be touched without sticking to your finger. This is a one-time batch, and makes 5-6 loaves.



Dilly-Onion: add ¼ c. dill seed and ¼ c. dry onion pieces

Raisin/Date Nut: add 2 pounds raisins or dates and 2 c. walnuts

Sunflower Seed: add 1 ½ pound raw sunflower seeds, use a little less flour

Honey 7-Grain: add 5 c. cooked 7-Grain cereal and 1 pound flax seed

Tomato Herb:  substitute some form of tomatos (juice, sauce, fresh, canned, etc) for the water. Then add the honey and the rest of the ingredients except flour. Add ¼ c. Italian Seasoning, ¼ c. sweet basil, ¼ c. dried onion, 1 Tb. minced garlic, 1 Tb. oregano. Then add the flour. Will not need as much as in the others.

Holiday Bread: 2 pounds Tropicana trail mix, 2 c. walnuts, 1Tb. tangerine oil

Wheat Free: Make the same as whole wheat, but use one part kamut flour, and the rest spelt flour. Do not use any gluten flour. 

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