Creamy Carob Icecream

Creamy Carob Icecream

Carob Ice Cream (or Pudding)


1 T. Agar Powder                                                            1 c. boiling water

1 c. raw cashews                                                                Â½ c. honey

2 c. water                                                                           1/3 c. canola oil

3 Tb. soymilk powder                                                       1 Tb. vanilla

¼ tsp. sea salt                                                                    3-4 T. carob powder


Blend boiling water & Agar. Add all ingredients and liquefy, except oil, till very smooth.   Slowly add oil while blending. Allow to blend for one minute. Pour into container and freeze.  If you just want pudding, at ½ T. more Agar, and follow the recipe, but don’t freeze it, just refrigerate it. 

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