Dandy Blend ~ Instant Herbal Coffee ~ Caffeine Free, 14.1 oz.

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Dandy Blend ~ Instant Herbal Coffee ~ Caffeine Free, 14.1 oz.

by Goosefoot Acres

 For many years I've done demos around the Country in Health Food Stores for Dandy Blend.  People LOVE it!  Often they will say, "What kind of coffee is this?" as it really tastes and smells like some kind of coffee!  I serve it hot with a little bit of Soy Vanilla Creamer in it, and people just love it!  It is good hot or cold.  You will love the hint of chicory in it. Real coffee is very unhealthy, but Dandy Blend is a HEALTHY COFFEE ~ You can drink as much as you like and not feel a bit guilty! 

 I'll be more than happy to send you a FREE SAMPLE of the Dandy Blend if you just call and ask for one - 888-332-6343.

Why DandyBlend is so good and so good for you!

DandyBlend — a delightful and versatile instant beverage for the whole family. It can be made hot or cold, in water or milk (including soy, rice, or other milk substitutes). It can be flavored and sweetened to taste and makes excellent coffee- or mocha-flavored ice dessert or frosting.

DandyBlend is made from completely soluble extracts of roasted roots of chicory, dandelion and beets and roasted grains of barley and rye — all herbs and grains with significant health-promoting and curative reputations.

Why is DandyBlend so good and so good for you? The ingredients are what make it so healthy. They contain so many health-promoting properties that provide what the body needs when it is needed.

  • Dandelion is loaded with trace minerals and is rich in potassium, iron and calcium. Dandelion is reputed historically to be an excellent liver tonic and blood purifier, and one of the best diuretics, complete with its own potassium source. It is reported also to regulate the gastro-intestinal system and as a good cure for anemia and acne. It also has the reputation for lowering serum cholestrol and blood pressure, eliminating gas and acid indigestion, aiding in weight loss, and counteracting certain cancerous tumors.
  • Roasted Chicory promotes healthy digestion. It is food for the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, and it is reported to increase both digestion and nutrient absorption into the blood stream. Chicory s rich in potassium, provides support to the immune system, and promotes synthesis of B vitamins.
  • Roasted beetroot detoxifies and builds blood. It also renews old blood with minerals and natural sugars. Beetroot contains betaine, which stimulates liver cells and protects the liver and bile ducts. It also is reputed to build red corpuscles and add tone to the blood. It is rich in phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin A and C, and other nutrients. Beetroot also has a significant tumor-inhibiting effect. According to an article in the February 27, 1996, issue of Cancer Letters. “The combined findings suggest that beetrroot ingestion can be one of the useful means for preventing cancer.”
  • Barley and rye are very nutritious grains and a rich source of protein and B complex vitamins. Barley is good for urinary tract disorders as well, and is very useful in fevers and all inflammatory conditions because of its soothing properties. It helps heal the digestive system and digest starchy foods, and is also good for treating urinary disorders like nephritis and cystitis.

DandyBlend’s major claim to fame as a nutritious, energy and health-promoting beverage hinges on its provision of the minerals the body needs. Following is what Chemical Solutions Ltd., a laboratory which specializes in trace element analysis, found in DandyBlend. The entire report is available on request. It is reported here in quantities per average serving (2.0 grams/8 oz. cup).

Major Minerals:

Potassium 22.2 mg Magnesium 2.0 mg
Sodium 3.2 mg Iron 0.9 mg
Phosphorus 2.8 mg Aluminum 0.05 mg
Calcium 2.1 mg Manganese 0.03 mg

Trace Minerals:

Rubidium 12.0 mcg Strontium 2.0 mcg
Zinc 8.6 mcg Chromium 2.0 mcg
Barium 6.0 mcg Titanium 2.0 mcg
Boron 4.0 mcg Copper 1.6 mcg

Trace Minerals that are present but below measurable levels are Lithium, Nickel, Germanium, Selenium, Zirconium, Molybdenum, Rhodium, Silver, Indium, Antimony, Cesium, Lanthanium, Prascodymium, Promethium, Europium, Beryllium, Scandium, Vanadium, Cobalt, Gailium, Arsenic, Strontium, Yitrium, Niobium, Ruthenium, Palladium, Cadmium, Tin, Tellurium, Cerium, Neodymium, Samarium, Gadolinium, Terbium, Holmium, Thulium, Lutetium, Tantalium, Iridium, Gold, Rhenium, Thallium, Bismuth, Uranium, Dysprosium, Erbium, Ytterbium, Hafnium, Tungsten, Osmium, Platinum, Mercury, Lead, and Thorium.

Source: Chemical Solutions, Ltd. Ian Milnes, President. 273 Mulberry Drive, Suite 9, Mechanicsburg, PA. 17050 phone 717.697.7536

The Dangers of Coffee

Facts about caffeine and coffee

The health problems which caffeine can cause fill entire books, and probably enough popular and medical journal articles to paper the White House, inside and out! Included are such problems as accelerating aging, weakening the immune system, impairing digestion, and causing blood sugar fluctuations which contribute to weight gain and mood disorders.

  • There are more than 208 acids in coffee that contribute to indigestion and acid imbalance. This results in buildup of toxic waste, cardiovascular diseases, auto immune disorders, arthritis, and rheumatism.
  • Uric acid produced by the breakdown of caffeine can cause kidney stones and gout, and can aggravate prostate conditions.
  • Caffeine and the acids in coffee also inhibit absorption of B vitamins and cause the urinary excretion of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and trace minerals — all of which are essential for good health.
  • Women who drink coffee are more subject to osteoporosis and anemia, leading to fatigue and illness. And this is just the beginning!
That’s CAFFEINE, folks! Whether it be in coffee, cola, or any other beverage. Hardly something you would want to be pouring into your body by the multiple cup or bottlefuls each day, is it?

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