Dr. Christopher's Chickweed (Itch) Ointment, 2 oz

Dr. Christopher's Chickweed (Itch) Ointment, 2 oz

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Dr. Christopher's Itch Ointment, 2 oz. ~ AKA Chickweed Ointment

Usages for the Dr. Christopher Itch Ointment ~

1. Excellent for eczema and/or other skin infections, sores, burning, itchy skin or genitals, swollen testes, acne, hives, also for ulceration of mouth and throat. This is a wonderful healing ointment.

2. Poison Oak and Poison Ivy or Stinging Nettle: Whenever you feel the sting from poison oak, poison ivy or stinging nettle, there will be, within eyesight, one or more of the following herbs growing; mullein, hounds tongue, plantain or lilac leaves. Bruise the leaves of any of these and apply over the irritated areas and it generally gives quick relief. Use chickweed ointment, plantain ointment, or mullein ointment to relieve the itching and aid in neutralizing the poisons.

Dosages for Dr. Christopher's Itch Ointment ~

1. Hemorrhoids and Rectal Cancer: Bathe the area 2-3 times daily with the decoction, infusion, or diluted tincture (as warm as possible), then apply chickweed ointment.

2. Inflamed Surfaces, Skin Diseases, Skin Eruptions, Cancerous Sores, Itching Dermatitis, and Hives: Drink burdock seed tea (as a diaphoretic to open skin pores and glands from the inside), and wash the affected parts with a strong decoction 2 or more times daily (more often for local eruptions). Apply chickweed ointment, or a chickweed bath is also excellent.

3. Erysipelas: No matter how bad the pain and swelling, make a decoction from a handful or two of fresh chickweed. Bathe the surface every 1/2 hour and apply chickweed ointment (the pain and swelling will be gone in a few hours).

4. Swollen Testicles, Burning and Itching Genitals: Bathe the area with a strong decoction of chickweed and apply chickweed ointment.

Ingredients ~

This is made of chickweed herb and bees wax and oils.

Useful in Treating ~

Acne, Ezema, Hemorrhoids, Itch, Poison Ivy & Poison Oak, Skin Problems

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Ingredients ~

This is made of chickweed herb and bees wax and oils.

1. Blood Poisoning from Poison Oak: As for the blood poisoning, the first time my poison oak went into blood poisoning, I took penicillin. The second time, my arm was swollen, big red swollen, full of fever and painful. I put chickweed ointment on a bandage, taped it on my arm over the affected area and went to bed. In the morning the swelling was gone, the pain was gone, the fever was gone, and the large red area was gone. This has really been exciting to me to find natural cures. [NL 1-8]

2. Dog Story: The next story is about my large black dog. I did something dumb -- put some chemical anti-itch stuff on him to keep him from itching. Well, the next morning my husband said for me to check Chip’s mouth, it seemed swollen. (He had licked it all off during the night - yuk!) I knew what had happened and said, I would, turned over and went back to sleep.

When I did see him (about one hour later) I was glad my husband had said to check him out. His pour mouth and lips were swollen out to the size of his head -- about 3 times the normal size. Poor baby. I was concerned about getting the swelling down, but also that his throat might swell up and he would not be able to swallow, or breathe. His tongue seemed okay and so did his throat. I put the Complete Tissue & Bone syrup on the outside of is mouth -- he turned his face right after that so I could reach the other side. Then I gave him some yellow dock tablets to keep him from scratching. Also, he ate abochickweed ointment Itch Ointment. It seemed to soothe his mouth while the poison went out. We discovered he liked the Rash Ointment for poison oak -- he would lick it off my husband, given the chance. Strange dog. However, since we gave him the jars of chickweed, his appetite for it diminished to zero. The next morning Chips was fine -- in fact a few hours later the swelling was down dramatically. A happy ending to a dumb beginning. I’m learning. [NL 2-5]

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