Dr. Christopher's False Unicorn & Lobelia 100 VCaps

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Dr. Christopher's False Unicorn and Lobelia, 100 VCaps ~ 

Anti-Miscarriage Formula

Product Details ~

We offer you a formula here for those who have indication of aborting. This combination should always be on hand because this emergency can appear so quickly that it is shocking and frightening.

This combination of false unicorn and lobelia will stop the bleeding as explained in the instructions--if the fetus is in a good healthy condition. If the fetus is dead, in many cases, the dead fetus is aborted with ease. Without this help, the fetus, when dead, will rarely abort, lying in the womb and causing infection.

False Unicorn & Lobelia, which helps nourish the reproductive system supplying hormone building nutrients that can help to sustain pregnancy.

Dosages ~

Unless otherwise specified, teas are always made with one teaspoon of herbs to a cup of distilled water if obtainable. If hemorrhaging starts during pregnancy, stay in bed, use a bed pan when needed, and use 1/2 cup of this tea each 1/2 hour until bleeding stops, then each waking hour for one day, while in bed as much as possible, and then three times in a day for three weeks. If bleeding continues instead of decreasing, see a doctor.

Ingredients ~ 

The anti-miscarriage formula consists of these two herbs: false unicorn and lobelia.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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1.   Couple Able to Conceive: Dr. Christopher had many successes helping couples conceive. One young married man came to see him about his wife, because he felt she was going to lose her mind. She wanted to have a baby so badly that she would hug her pillow at night. They had been married for some years without any success at conception. Dr. Christopher advised them to do the following: they should both begin to use the mucusless diet. In addition, they were to take two tablespoons of wheat-germ oil three times a day (this contains natural vitamin E, among other constituents, which helps the reproductive system). They were to take two capsules three times daily of false unicorn and lobelia combination. If they were faithful with this program, the Doctor promised that they would conceive.

And they did! They brought the little baby in to see Dr. Christopher, and the new mother was absolutely glowing with health and joy at the baby in her arms. This couple had other children as well after following the simple herbal program. [EWH p.23]

2.   Dead Fetus Evacuated Naturally and Easily: Lobelia is also an important herb in the anti-miscarriage formula. It will do such wonders as seal up a tear in the bag of waters in an instance of a threatened miscarriage. It will also help to expel, without complication, a fetus that is already dead. One lady who was about five and one half months along in her pregnancy began to show signs of bleeding, as if a miscarriage was about to occur. Some women who were assisting her gave her one-half cup of the tea every half hour, while the pregnant woman remained in bed. The women noticed that the bleeding had not subsided after several hours, so they packed her off to the hospital. No sooner had she arrived in the emergency room and was about to be examined by the doctor, when she expelled a fetus that had been dead for several weeks, unbeknownst to her. The doctor was amazed, and questioned the attendants about the events leading to this spontaneous abortion. The women told him about the false unicorn and lobelia. The doctor commented, "Never in all my years of practice have I seen a dead fetus evacuated from the womb in such a clean manner. Usually we have to surgically remove particles of the placenta which adhere to the uterine walls. The herbs you have used are miraculous. I wish I could use them in my practice--but my hands are tied". [UP-Lobelia]

3.   Unaborted Baby Later Thanks Dr. Christopher: Dr. Christopher was lecturing in a large city when a young man came up to the podium to shake his hand; he nearly shook the Doctor's hand off! He said he had been trying to catch up with the Doctor for a long while. His mother had told him that one night, when the weather was fifty below zero, the Doctor had traveled forty miles to their home. The mother was aborting, ready to lose her baby. The Doctor had given her some herbs and saved the baby--and the young man was that baby! He was about twenty-five years old. He said, "I enjoy life. I love you, sir, and I had to thank you". [UP-Lobelia]


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