Ear Oil Relief, by NOW, 1 oz

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Ear Oil Relief - 1 oz.

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  • Soothing Blend

This natural herbal formula makes it easy to cleanse and comfort the delicate tissues of the ear canal.  NOW® Ear Oil Relief contains a gentle collection of Garlic, Mullein, Calendula, St. John's Wort, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E Oil and Olive Oil.

Suggested Use:  Shake Well.  Place 3-4 drops of warmed oil in both ears and plug with cotton.
Ingredients:  Garlic Bulb (allium sativum), Mullein Flowering Top (Verbascum thapsus), Calendula Flower (Calendula officinalis), St. John's Wort Flowering Top (Melaleuca alternifolia).
Additional Ingredients:  Vitamin E Oil and Olive Oil.
Warning:  Do not use if the eardrum is punctured.  If you have a medical condition or suspect that one exists, seek the advice of a healthcare professional before using this product.  For children's use only with parental supervision.
Caution:  Keep out of reach of children.  Store in a cool, dry place.

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