ENP Focus, Mental Stimulation, 32 oz.

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ENP liquid focus formula
ENP liquid focus formula bottle


• Mental Stimulation to Enhance Focus
• Blood Sugar Support for Mood
• Helps Calm Overactive Nerves


ENP’s Focus contains vital nutrients for proper brain function and blood sugar levels, plus ingredients to calm the body.

Mental Stimulation: Tyrosine and Posinol™ promote production of Dopamine in your brain. Research has shown that those with Attention Deficit Disorder are deficient in Dopamine. Taurine and DMAE are used to stimulate your brain, enhancing your ability to pay attention. Phosphatidyl Serine and Phospahtidyl Choline are also brain foods, used to support brain function. Bacopa is an Indian herb, taken for centuries to enhance memory.

Blood Sugar Support: Fluctuating levels of blood sugar can lead to mood swings. ENP’s Focus uses a blend of nutrients taken for their stabilizing effects on blood sugar levels. These include the minerals Manganese and Chromium, as well as the herb Fenugreek.

Helps Calm Overactive Nerves: Magnesium helps calm the overactive, excitatory nerves that are related to hyperactivity. B-Vitamins are best taken together and ENP’s Focus contains a full B-Complex. They aid the body in dealing with stress and support brain function. Although they are used to boost energy levels, they also have a calming effect on the body. Hops is an herb commonly used for restlessness.

The other nutrients in Focus support brain development (Essential Fatty Acids), Amino Acid synthesis and metabolism (Zinc, Iodine, Vitamin C), and reduce the Histamine production associated with allergies (Vitamin C, Grape Seed Extract). Our formula is rounded out with a blend of Trace Minerals and Vinpocetine for vasodilation to increase bioavailability of nutrients.

Does not contain artificial color or sweeteners, yeast, wheat, sugar or dairy products.

100% Vegetarian


ENP liquid focus formula supplemental facts


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