Flora Organic Elderberry Crystals, 4.4 oz, 125 gm

Flora Organic Elderberry Crystals, 4.4 oz, 125 gm

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Brand: Flora
Categories: For The Immune System,Seasonal Immune Support


Looking for daily immune support?

Flora’s new Elderberry Crystals provide a burst of antioxidants and immune support when seasonal issues strike.* Flora’s organic Elderberry Crystals can be taken daily to help maintain a healthy immune system or at the first sign of seasonal symptoms.*

Our Elderberry Crystals are made from berries picked at the height of ripeness, carefully choosing only fully ripe, purple berries and no stems, leaves or unripe berries which can have unwanted substances. Fresh juice is pressed promptly to maximize freshness and then vacuum dried to protect the nutrient and antioxidant content.

Enjoy the natural flavor of elderberries mixed in your favorite juice, smoothie, or beverage for a healthful, convenient, and delicious boost daily.

Gluten- Free + Non-GMO + Organic + Vegan

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