Lily of the Valley C/S, Wildcrafted, 16 oz.

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Lily of the valley is known as a cardiac tonic. ... It also helps to treat valvular heart disease, cardiac debility, dropsy and congestive heart failure. The flavonoids present in the herb stimulate the arteries, help in dilation of blood.



STARWEST  Lily of the Valley, Cut & Sifted, Wildcrafted, 16 oz.

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Latin Name: Convallaria majalis  
Common Names: Lily Of The Valley Herb 

Lily of the Valley, also called Convallaria majalis, is widely known for its great beauty. With large green leaves and small, delicate flowers, these plants are a beauty to behold. However, some believe that the real beauty of the Lily of the Valley may lie in its therapeutic qualities. 

Lily of the Valley is a perennial, growing up to 9 inches tall. Its flowers are white and it grows small red berries. Lily of the Valley is originally native to Europe, but now can be found in North America and Asia. Its leaves and flowers are harvested in the spring. 

Warning: Not for use except under the supervision of an expert qualified in the appropriate use of this substance.

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