Med Free Living Factor 5 ~ Advanced Pain Support, 60 VCaps

Fast Acting Pain Relief from Inflammation

Med Free Living Factor 5 ~ Advanced Pain Support, 60 VCaps

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Is Your Pain Interfering with Your Everyday Activities?

Regardless of what kind of pain you are experiencing, be it sharp, dull, numbing or tingling, it is the result of the inflammation process in your body. Inflammation can be caused by a number of factors including poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, excess sugar in the blood, or simply the natural aging process.

Our proprietary formula was developed to bring a natural alternative to those suffering from joint and muscle pain, headaches, and more…5 powerful ingredients that work together to help rid the body of chronic inflammation, bringing fast relief!

What's In Factor 5?

Factor 5 Ingredients





This powerful formula of Horse Tail, Stinging Nettle, Garlic, Celery Seed, and Turmeric works as a natural anti-inflammatory agent, helping to quickly relieve pain. FACTOR 5’s all-natural ingredients work to eliminate excess fluids and uric acid from joints, clear toxins from the blood, provide antioxidants to cells, and are a great source of vitamins and minerals that your body needs!

What Our Customers Are Saying

I am in awe of this product. I felt a difference in my back pain within hours after taking my first dose. My husband has had back, shoulder and foot pain for almost a year and is also amazed at the relief he feels when taking this. 5 stars all the way! Unbelievable!


I can’t believe the difference in my body from taking this after a week! I had trouble getting out of bed every morning and now I pop right up! It has eliminated my shoulder, lower back, and sciatica pain. I’m sleeping better which gives me more energy. My workouts have improved also. It’s an amazing feeling to be pain-free after years of suffering! 


I bought them thinking I’ll try them for my arthritis. The first day I took them they worked so I stopped taking Aspirin every day for I have learned that taking Aspirin every day is not good for you. It has been the best thing for me. Five of my friends are now ordering this and it works for them too!


Love this product! If you have pain or inflammation, this product will help manage that. Another reason to use it, it is all-natural. Works best when taken every day!


Factor 5

FACTOR 5 is our all-natural advanced pain support supplement that is formulated with fast-acting ingredients which has been providing more than 50,000 people per year with a strong alternative to help support those who are dealing with

  • Joint pain,
  • Muscle aches
  • Headaches,
  • and more!


Added Benefits

  • Fast Acting 
  • All-natural
  • Helps to relieve pain and inflammation
  • Can help to reduce joint pain and muscle aches
  • May strengthen bones and tendons

How Factor 5 works ~

Factor 5 contains five powerful ingredients formulated to help pull away chronic inflammation around the joints which allows our active components to interfere with the pain receptors, giving relief and cleansing the body of harmful toxins.

Benefits ~

  • Fast acting
  • 100% Drug free
  • Helps to relieve pain and Inflammation
  • Aids in mobility and flexibility
  • Can help to reduce joint soreness and aches
  • Can hep strengthen bones and tendons

Available in 3 sizes:

#MFL-F-5-30  Factor 5 30 VCaps  Retail $19.95     You Pay $13.50  (2 week supply)

#MFL-F-5-60  Factor 5 60 VCaps  Retail $39.00      You Pay $35.00  (1 month supply)

#MFL-F-5-120 Factor 5 120 VCaps  Retail $69.00    You Pay $57.00  (2 month supply)

This powerful formula of Horsetail, Stinging Nettle, Garlic, Celery Seed and Turmeric is providing strong relief for thousands with virtually no side effects!


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