Motherwort Herb, Organic, C/S, 16 oz.

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Motherwort is an herb known for its therapeutic effects on the cardiovascular system. In Europe it refers to the plant species Leonorus cardiaca, which originated from Central Asia, but it has also been used to call other plant species of the same genus in the mint family, such as Leonorus japonicas or Leonorus heterophyllus. Leonorus cMotherwortardiaca is so named because of its centuries-old medicinal uses in treatment of heart problems. In the old days herbalists heavily relied on its reputed antispasmodic effects to reverse symptoms of a weak heart. Also, it has always been used as a health tonic that promotes the health of the uterus and taken as an emmenagogue, which facilitates menstrual discharge.

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Frontier Motherwort Herb, Cut/Sifted, Organic, 1 lb.


Motherwort herb

Leonuri cardiacae herba
Published March 13, 1986

Name of Herb

Leonuri cardiacae herba, motherwort herb.  

Composition of Herb

Motherwort herb consists of the above-ground parts of Leonurus cardiacaL.  [Fam.  Lamiaceae], gathered during flowering season, as well as their preparations in effective dosage.  

The drug contains alkaloids (stachydrine), glycosides of bitter principles, and bufenolide.  


Nervous cardiac disorders and as adjuvant for thyroid hyperfunction.  


None known.  

Side Effects  

None known.  

Interactions with Other Drugs

None known.  


Unless otherwise prescribed:

Average daily dosage:

  • 4.5 g herb;
  • equivalent preparations.  


Mode of Administration

Comminuted herb for infusions and other galenical preparations for internal use.  

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