NOW Clove Essential Oil, 1 oz.

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NOW Clove Essential Oil, 1 oz.

Clove Oil (Eugenia caryophyllata)

Clove Oil is a spice once heavily traded during ancient times.  Clove has a warm, spicy aroma that is quite strong.  This oil is 100% pure and steam distilled from clove buds.

Fun fact: During the Han dynasty, cloves were known as "tongue spice" and courtiers were required to hold cloves in their mouths when talking to the emperor.

Cloves were important in the earliest spice trades, probably because of their importance in flavoring foods. Known for their hot, spicy, pungent flavor, cloves are a favorite seasoning spice for meats, baked goods, and beverages. Besides its beloved place in the kitchen, clove essential oil is a valued aromatic, and used traditionally as a remedy for skin conditions, to calm digestive upset, and to relieve nausea. However, it's best known for its use as both a breath freshener and toothache reliever. Cloves remain an important spice commodity, and today are used in everything from perfume to mulled wines and from love potions to pomades. 

Mixes well with: Cinnamon, clary sage, geranium, ginger, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, lemon, myrrh, nutmeg, orange, palmarosa, rose, sandalwood, tangerine, tea tree, and ylang ylang.

Parts used: Sun-dried buds.

Extraction method: Steam distillation.

Safety Information: Avoid during pregnancy. Can irritate skin, so make sure to always dilute clove essential oil with a carrier oil, cream, or lotion. Can irritate mucous membranes, so when using a vaporizer or in a diffuser be sure to limit exposure. Do not use on a tooth that is currently being worked on by a dentist for root canal. Do not use in baths.

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