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Beyond Relief by Esteem Products for Hemorrhoid & Varicose Vein Relief, 60 Caps
MSRP: $29.95
Our Price: $24.95
Savings: $5.00 (17%)
by George McDonald
Date Added:
"Hi Tammy and Better Than Greens,
&nbsp;<br>My name is George and as embarrassing as it is to admit----I suffer from hemorrhoids, the external kind. I had this problem about 3 years ago which ultimately ended in surgery. Why? Because no doctor that I talked with gave me any real advice that worked. Fiber, witch hazel pads, sitz baths, Prep H., blah blah blah-----none of it worked. In fact, it only got worse. Surgery cured me ---painful, expensive surgery.
&nbsp;<br> Then about 1 month ago---in a flash another external hemorrhoid came back. I was crushed. I was so upset, I was literally near tears at the thought of going back to surgery. I decided this time----I will do my own research and not rely of a doctor's bubble gum advice.
&nbsp;<br> First off, I do not work for Esteem or have any affiliation with them whatsoever. I saw their advertisement on a website and decided to do research on them (along with about 6 other products). I had many doubts and reservations---I mean, how can any product fix a problem that even a doctor could not fix, right?
&nbsp;<br> I ordered Esteem ""Beyond Relief"" vein and hemorrhoid care from Tammy----and I said to myself, ""well for 20 dollars it will be worth it, even if I only get some relief"". In other words, I wasn't expecting a cure, just ""relief"" Well, I was SO WRONG.
&nbsp;<br> Within 48 hours----it was shrinking---literally. Within a week it was 1/4 the size it was before. Finally after 3 weeks-----it is completely gone. I mean gone! Nothing was there. In fact, I am ""better"" than before. I am still floored.
&nbsp;<br> I felt obligated to write a review to tell others about what had happened to me and how this Esteem Product literally saved my ass, pardon the pun.
&nbsp;<br> In closing, feel free to contact me personally and ask me about the product. I'll tell it to you straight.
&nbsp;<br> Also, here's one more piece of advice I followed to aid my cure, I read online to give up eating red meat for 30 days to help further the healing ""down there"". Red meat seems to be a big cause for hemorrhoids.
&nbsp;<br> Like I said, I'm still a tad embarrassed even talking about this problem-----but I would like to help others beat this. It is beatable! I know that now.

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