Thyme Out - The Natural Alternative for Skin Problems, 8 oz

Thyme Out - The Natural Alternative for Skin Problems, 8 oz

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THYME OUT ~ The Natural Alternative for Skin Problems.  

It's GREAT for Acne (see reports from Fox News, WebMD, Natural News & Scientific American below). For Acne, use it like a toner on clean skin to treat problem areas like the classic T-zone of the forehead to the chin. Simply saturate a cotton pad with Thyme Out and immediately apply it gently to skin, allowing Thyme Out to sink deep into your pores. Since it doesn't dry out the skin like other acne products, you can easily use it multiple times daly as an ant-bacterial preventive meaure.

THYME OUT is also used for Psoriasis, Rosacea, Eczema, Dermatitis, Skin Fungus and even HOT SPOTS on dogs!  These skin issues are at their source either fungul, viral or bacterial. Thankfully THYME OUT is a powerful anti-fungul, anti-viral and anti-bacterial that fights the source of the issue. Additionaly, THYME OUT is a heralded anti-inflammatory topically so it heals the actual symptoms as well. 


Ingredients:  A Thyme Tincture made from organic thyme, purified water, organic grain alcohol, and organic aloe vera. Manufactured naturally in the USA. 

Directions:  Shake gently as some settling of natural particle silt may occur. Apply to skin using a saturated cotton pad or the provided mini sprayer. Use daily to defend against future breakouts. Thyme Out is extremely gentle on the skin so it can be used many times daily on serious blemishes without issue. Do not take internally. Avoid eye contact.


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