Velvetta-like Cheese

Velvetta-like Cheese

Velveeta-like Cheese


2 ¼ c. boiling water                                     2 Tb. lemon juice

2T. Agar Powder                                       1 Tb. sea salt

1 c. raw cashews                                          2 tsp. onion pwd.

1 c. tomatoes (juice, sauce, canned, etc)     1 tsp. paprika

½ c. Nutritional Yeast Flakes                   ¼ tsp. garlic pwd.


Pour boiling water into blender with Agar. Blend cashews with half of the water and Agar until very smooth. Combine all ingredients and continue to blend until very smooth. Pour into a container and refrigerate. This cheese can  be sliced when refrigerated and grated when frozen. It will also melt.

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