Vitalerbs Extract 2 oz.

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Dr. Christopher's Vitalerbs Extract is a well known herbal formulation providing the most balanced set of natural whole food vitamins and minerals.


Dr. Christopher's Vitalerbs Extract 2 oz.

Description: Dr. Christopher’s Vitalerbs Extract is a well known herbal formulation providing the most balanced set of natural whole food vitamins and minerals. What makes the extract so special is that even small children can use it with no side effects. Of course, as with many natural supplements, it is very important to make sure you or your child doesn’t have allergic reactions to any of the listed ingredients. Normally, the extract is well tolerated and provides an outstanding effect on the health and overall well-being.

What makes Vitalerbs Extract different from synthetic and other natural vitamin complexes is that it comes in all natural way and consists of highly available natural substances, which are easily absorbed by the body. For instance, synthetic vitamin C is nothing else than ascorbic acid, while its natural equivalent contains flavonoids (natural catalysts), which increase significantly the effectiveness of the product. The same goes with other vitamins, e.g. vitamin E comes with tocopherols – natural antioxidants, which are very important for the stabilization of cell membranes.

Because natural sources do not have a tendency to accumulate themselves in the body, even large doses will do no harm and will not produce toxic reactions possible with synthetic drugs.

We all know that vitamins and minerals come to our body through the digestive tract; therefore the way these nutrients are digested and assimilated directly influences the way of their effectiveness. According to recent studies, the digestive system can be divided into 4 different types, meaning that one and the same nutrient can be absorbed differently in different people. The lack of nutrients in synthetic drugs may lead to their improper assimilation, whereas herbal whole food substances of Vitalerbs Extract can achieve the same results with much lesser doses.

Vitalerbs Extract was designed by Dr. John R. Christopher to nurture the body with whole food vitamins and essential minerals and amino acids. The liquid form of the extract allows you to add it to any food or beverage. As a unique herbal supplement, Vitalerbs Extract effectively boosts the immune system in a natural and safe way. The composition of the formula includes some of the most effective and renowned medicinal plants as alfalfa, rose hips, ginger root, whole wheat grass, barley, dandelion, blue violet, etc.

By taking Dr. Christopher’s Vitalerbs formula, you will get a whole set of vital nutrients needed for your healthy and strong body and sharp mind.

Ingredients: Jurassic Green (Certified Organic Flash-Dried Juice Powder from Alfalfa, Barley & Non-Hybrid Wheat Grass), Rosehips Cut, Oatstraw Herb, Dulse Leaf, Ginger Root, Dandelion Root, Kelp Plant, Spirulina Root, Irish Moss, Beet Root, Nutritional Yeast, Cayenne Pepper, Blue Violet Leaf, Carrot Juice Powder & Water Distilled.

Directions: Take 1 dropperful three times a day or more or as directed by your health care professional.

Store in a cool, dry place.

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