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Welcome to Better Than Greens

Hi! My name is Tammy Roesch, I am a certified Master Herbalist, and I would like to introduce you to the BEST Green Food product on the market - Better Than Greens! What makes it The Best? With most Green Food products, you get simply that, Green Foods. But with Better Than Greens, you get the Greens and the Organic Super Food Grains - Amaranth, Brown Rice, Flaxseed & Millet... Not only does Better Than Greens build the immune system like other Green Foods, but it also detoxes the body - the liver, the colon and the blood! Plus, it tastes much better and on top of all that, it is about half the price, when you figure ounce to ounce.  What do you have to lose? It is a 100% money back guarantee, and you are the judge! If you want to try a sample first, purchase the sample for $1 and we will give you a $5 coupon towards your first order.

Compare Better Than Greens to
other products such as,
Barley Max, Master Formula and Green Zone.

Many of our customers have been faithful users of various green foods and barleygreen for a long time and they are convinced that not only are they saving lots of $$$ with Better than Greens, but it also works better! And there is NO COMPARISON in the taste! As one customer put it, “The other green foods taste like you are licking the bottom of a lawn mower, but Better than Greens actually tastes GOOD!”
Master Formula & Ultimate Green Zone are both Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Companies. That means the type of company where you sign up as a distributor so that you can receive the product at wholesale...but even then, it is way over priced, as everyone “UP-LINE” must make money. The other two companies, BarleyMax and Green Magna are not MLM companies, but as you can see, they are still very expensive.
Below is a comparison chart comparing the Better than Greens & the other leading Green Foods on the market! (represents a 27-30 day supply for one person).


 Net Weight




 You Pay

Better Than Greens

20 oz.

5 grams

50 mg.



Barley Max

4.2 oz.

0.6 grams

25 mg.



Master Formula

21 oz.

5 grams

54 mg.



Green Zone

17 oz.

4 grams

50 mg.



Green Magma

5.3 oz.

1 gram

25 mg.



Mighty Greens

8 oz.

.86 grams

37 mg.



* Not affiliated with Aim Barley Green, YH International, Hallelujiah Acres, Sulin International, Nature's Sunshine Products or The Right Solution, or Pines International.

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Word of Mouth is our BEST advertisement and we'd like to pay you to help us advertise!  For every new customer who you get to purchase the Better Than Greens, we will put a $20 credit in your store account for you, and you can use it any way you like.  So please, send our website to your friends and family and tell them how much you like the BTG's! Thank you in advance!



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