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Better Than Greens

The BEST tasting, POWERFUL yet SIMPLE and AFFORDABLE ORGANIC Whole Foods Green Superfood on the market.

There are many GREEN FOOD Supplements out there and sometimes it gets really confusing, trying to decide which one you should buy. I hope this page will answer your questions and cause you to at least call (888-332-6343) or email  ([email protected]) us for a FREE SAMPLE. We'll also send you our FREE 280 pg. catalog as a bonus. 

Perhaps you have never heard about Better Than Greens?  Believe it or not, it's been around over 20 years.  It's just that I have not learned how to master the Internet yet to let the world know all about it!

Better Than Greens History ~ 

Let me give you a little history on the BTG's.  Back in 1999, Al and I had a health food store in Geneva, OH. People were always coming to us and asking us to sell their product. One day someone came and asked us to sell a product called MASTER FORMULA.  It was very expensive, and tasted just awful...but it came with wonderful reviews and so we decided to try it.  It was so expensive because it was sold by a MLM company (you know, the kind of company that signs people up to sell, who sign people up to sell, who sign people up to sell....so everyone upline has to make $$$ making the price of the product almost always overpriced). We sold the product but never signed anyone up, as we don't like those kinds of companies. It was $50 a canister, 20+ years ago!  

Well, the product worked wonderfully!  We had many customers who truly believed it saved their life and many more who were convinced they never wanted to be without it. The problem was, like many MLM companies, they were not very financially stable and they were always running out of product and we'd have to wait weeks for more product to come in. That was making us and our customers very nervous. So, to make a long story short, we decided we couldn't depend on this company to keep us in product.  We formulated Better Than Greens and sent the formula to NOW FOODS and for 20+ years, they have made it for us. And THAT was the beginning of Better Than Greens! 

Better Than Greens Ingredients 

I'm a huge believer in WHOLE, SUPER FOODS, and if you can get them ORGANIC, that is even better.  I'm also a big believer in SIMPLICITY.  I am not a fan of Formulas that have 30-75 different ingredients. I believe they create confusion in the stomach. Our product has just 13 ingredients:

Organic Hemp Seed; Aquamin; Organic Spirulina; Sunflower Lecithin Powder; Organic Inulin Powder; Organic Golden Flaxseed Meal; Organic Chlorella Powder; Organic Raw Maca Root; Elderberry Extract Powder; Silymarin Extract Powder; Acerola Extract Powder; Organic Stevia Extract Powder and Pure Natural Vanilla Flavor. (Check out the link above for more information on each ingredient). Better Than Greens is made without heat, so the enzymes are not destroyed. 

The Benefits of Better Than Greens ~ 

The Benefits of Better Than Greens are MANY, to name a few ~

  • Liver Cleanser 
  • Blood Builder 
  • More Energy & Better Immune System is #1 "Side-Effect" 
  • Tastes Delicious 
  • Replaces Multi-Vitamins 
  • 1/2 the cost of Barley Green, Master Formula, Barley Life and Green Zone and most every other Green Formula out there. 
  • Money Back Guarantee 
  • Made from Organic Super Foods - Green Foods - Whole Foods 
  • Cleans and Builds the Immune System 
  • It is a "Complete Food"
  • Helps to keep you "Regular"

Personal Testimonies of Happy Better Than Greens Users ~

Check them out! These are true, personal testimonies, given to us by just a few of our customers.  

So Let's Compare Better Than Greens to the Organic Green Food Competition~

30 Day Supply Comparison
  Net Weight Protein Calcium MLM? You Pay
Better Than Greens 20 oz 5 Grams 50 mgs. NO $35.00
Ultimate Green Zone 13 oz. 7 Grams 50 mgs. YES $52.95
Organific Green Juice 9.8 oz 1 Gram 31 mgs. NO $79.95
Beyond Greens 3.91 oz Not Listed Not Listed NO $39.95
BarleyMax 4.2 oz. .6 Gram 14 mgs. YES $28.95
Chocolate Daily SuperFoods 17 oz. 4 Grams 17.53 mgs NO $47.96
Ladder Greens 9.31 oz. 1 Gram Not Listed NO $53.95
Athlete Greens 12.7 oz Not Listed Not Listed NO $97.00
Garden of Life Perfect Food 10.5 oz 2 Grams 38 mgs NO $45.99
Amazing Grass Green Superfoods 8.5 oz 2 Grams 52 mgs NO $53.19
Nested Super Greens 8.5 oz 2 Grams 19 mgs NO $27.95
AIM Barley Life 12.7 oz 1 Gram 50 mgs YES $49.50

As you can see from this Chart, you get alot more for your $ when you chose Better Than Greens.

WHO Makes the Better Than Greens?

You might be wondering, WHO makes the Better Than Greens?  We had been doing business with NOW FOODS nearly 10 years before we decided to ask them to make the Better Than Greens for us. Sadly some people have a misconception of NOW FOODS. NOW is one of the top 3 Nutricueticals in the Nation. Just take a look at some of the many awards NOW has received for their great products & service, and how they treat their employees. They do alot of 3rd Party testing. They are honest & fair and you NEVER have to wonder if what is INSIDE the bottle matches the label that is on the OUTSIDE of the bottle. We are so grateful to NOW for being willing to start making our Better Than Grees 20+ years ago.  Today, they do alot of Private Labeling, but back then, we were the only company who they made a product for that was not their own product. We've had a very long and happy relationship with them.

Family Owned Business ~

We are not a Multi-Million dollar company. It's just my husband (Al) and I here.  When you call to place your order, you will be talking with me, Tammy :). I take care of all the orders and the internet correspondence and Al packs all the orders and keeps us in inventory.  We have a dozen Grandbabies and we babysit often so you might even hear one of them chattering in the background :).  We live on 7 acres of land here in NE Ohio, and we have alot of fruit trees and gardens.  If you call when I'm outside, I'll write down your order and process it when I get back in the house.  If you like the idea of doing business with old-fashioned Christians who love America and not so much with the big corporations, we'd love to have your business.

Where Your Order Ships From ~ 

A little picture here of our property.  You can see the fruit trees up on the hill, and where all the white posts are, that is our blueberry patch. A powerful storm was about to roll in on us that night. We live in Kingsville, OH, right between Cleveland, OH and Erie, PA, about 5 miles from Lake Erie.























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Click here if you would like to purchase Better Than Greens. They are $35/container and orders over $80 ship for FREE. If you have a big family, purchase BTG by the case and save 10%, there are 12 in the case.

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