B & W Ointment, for Burns & Wounds, Amish Formula, 16 oz.

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B & W Ointment for Burns & Wounds ~ Amish Formula, 16 oz.

This is one of the best remedies for Burns and Wounds on the market. The Amish have had tremendous success with this formula, John Keim is the man who came up with the formula, and they have treated many types and degrees of burns and wounds. Using this ointment and following the directions in the booklet - BURN AID - has been a great blessing for many, many people. In many cases, it prevents skin grafting! And is so much less painful than the way that burns are treated in the burn units in the hospitals across the Country. It works better than any burn cream I've ever seen. Every home should have the B & W Ointment in their First Aid box ready for emergencies.

B&W Ingredients ~

Honey, Lanolin, Olive Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Marshmallow Root, Aloe Vera Gel, Woorwood, Comfrey Root, White Oak Bark, Lobelia, Vegetable Glycerin, Bees Wax, Myrrh.

For Further Reading ~

To learn more about the B & W Ointment, you can read several books:

Comfort for the Wounded, by John W. Keim, who formulated the B & W Ointment....

BURN AID - the step by step "HOW TO" for treating burns and wounds.



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