BTG's "Side-Effects"

Side Effects

The Benefits greatly out weigh the "Side-Effects"!

The "side-effects" vary greatly, depending on the individual. Actually, we don't refer to "the effects" as "side-effects", but rather as "cleansing effects". Only about 10% of those using the product experience "cleansing effects". More people would, but, if they start at only 1 tsp. a day, and gradually increase up to 3 Tab. a day, they detox so gradually that they don't even realize they are detoxifying!

The customers who do experience "cleansing effects" - well, the effects or symptoms can be anything from breaking out with pimples - if your blood is real impure; constipation - if your colon is all backed up (we would recommend that when you start the Better than Greens that you also supplement for a few days with an herbal laxative - til the colon is flushed out and ready to handle the extra toxins that will be dumped in there from the whole foods supplement - Better than Greens - doing its job); diarhea - for many reasons, mainly because your diet is not good and your system is not used to whole grains (we recommed that you cut back to 1/2 tsp. or even 1/4 tsp. until your system can handle such healthy food!); to being more tired for a few days - that happens to people as the body is working to kick out the toxins - to flue like symptoms - these are all normal detoxifying symptoms.

But, the benefits far out way the negatives! The negatives only last, (if you get them at all), only a few short days, but the benefits you have everyday! Don't you want more "real" energy? (When I say "real", I mean from Super Foods, not from caffeine and other stimulants and drugs that leave you feeling like you have less energy than before you took them, besides the fact that they have no nutrition and they do have harmful side-effects. Don't you want to be healthy, to know that you are helping your immune system to fight the germs , toxins and poisons with which it is coming in contact with everyday? Maybe you just don't have time to cook healthy meals? Maybe you don't like healthy food? Better than Greens can make a huge difference in how you feel. Maybe you have a serious illness? Cancer and almost ALL illnesses are directly related to the immune system - it is impossible to have a healthy immune system, if you aren't eating food - whole foods, packed with good nutrition. And, maybe you are healthy, and just want to make sure you stay that way - another excellent reason to take Better than Greens - the #1 Whole Foods Supplement!. Start to build your immune system and fight germs and toxins AND GET MORE ENERGY TODAY!

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