Burn Aid Toddler Kit, Burn Kit , B & W Ointment, Amish Made by David Keim

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First-Aid Burn Kit for Toddlers, Put Together by Holistic Acres and David Keim, Son of John Keim, Formulaor of the B & W Ointment

by David Keim
1 - B & W Ointment (4 oz)
1/2 oz. Burdock Leaves
8 - ABD Pads 5" x 9"
1 - Pad with Moisture Barrier 23" x 36"
Approx. 12 - Gauze Squares 4" x 4" X 4 Ply
4 Rolls - 2"x 4 yards Gauze
1 Roll - 1/2" x 10 yards Tape
4 - Wooden Ointment Applicators
1 - Burn Aid Booklet
This is a wonderful First-Aid Burn Kit! Contains everything you need for small burns, with all the directions, supplies, and even the emergency phone # if you are not sure about something.
The kit comes in a nice plastic container to keep it clean and dry and for easy storage. Everything is right at your fingertips!

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