Chinese Herbal Formulas

Proven Chinese Herbal Formulas

~ Chinese Herbal Formulas ~ 

God has given us wonderful herbs to help people get well, in every Country of the World.  China has studied Natural Medicine for many years, and they have come up with some WONDERFUL HERBAL FORMULAS for MANY health conditions.  As Christians, we do not support the PHILOSOPHIES behind their Eastern Healing practices, such as Yen & Yang, the doctrine of the CHI (TSI), acupuncture, Su Jok & yoga.  All of those Chinese Healing practices have their ROOTS in the OCCULT, and Christians should stay far away from them.  Their Eastern Philosophies thankfully, cannot contaminate the herbs God planted in China, to be used for healing.  We hope you find the products below to be of great help to you as you strive to maintain and regain your health.