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BTG is Amazing!

I’m a full time mom of two with another one on the way and I need as much energy as possible to keep up with my family. I prefer the natural route, but buying fresh fruits and veggies all the time is hard on my wallet. My husband told me about BTG after a coworker told him of his own personal success with it, so I figured I would give it a try. For a month now, I’ve made a smoothie with BTG every morning and I have so much natural energy and nutrients! I can tell a huge difference if I am ever late taking it. I’m sluggish and not mentally alert. BTG has helped me so much especially now that I am pregnant. I haven’t felt any morning sickness and I feel a natural energy boost throughout the day. Overall, I feel great about myself and my improving health! Even my hair and nails have grown stronger and longer. I love BTG and will be ordering it for a long time to come!!

3 October, 2019

-- Mary Allison Clairday

PlusCBD Oil

I started the oil for anxiety and panic attacks and noticed a difference after my first dose. I was much calmer. I have spent so much money going to psychiatrist and medications and they did not seem to calm me like the CBD Oil does. I love it and will continue this product. I recommend it to anyone who suffers from anxiety.

13 January, 2019

-- Rose Dodrill

'Christopher's Original Formula Stop-Ache' Remedy

Since I have experienced so many side effects while taking the prescribed narcotic medications for all of my dental surgeries, I decided to see if this formula would help to offset the immediate pain and discomfort that I always must endure the day of surgery, as well as the many post-op days thereafter. Eureka! It Works!! Of course, I do have to take more doses, more frequently--to prevent breakthrough pain. But the benefit of pure pain relief, w/o all of the side effects that the narcotic drugs create, is complete and restorative. This formula helps with healing the injured areas, too. Win-win!

19 August, 2017

-- Jennifer Johnson

Pure Pain Relief~~Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas~~

Since I have experienced so many side effects while taking the prescribed narcotic medications for all of my dental surgeries, I decided to see if this formula would help to offset the immediate pain and discomfort that I always must endure the day of surgery, as well as the many post-op days thereafter. Eureka! It Works!! Of course, I do have to take more doses, more frequently--to prevent breakthrough pain. But the benefit of pure pain relief, w/o all of the side effects that the narcotic drugs create, is complete and restorative. This formula helps with healing the injured areas, too. Win-win!

11 August, 2017

-- Jennifer Johnson

Immune System

I so strongly believe in Better than Greens, that I do not miss a day without taking it. It helps tremendously with my energy level and I also feel that it keeps me from getting colds and the flu. When I had some stomach problems before, I knew that even on the days that I was too sick to eat, I was still getting my nutrition from Better than Greens, and I also feel it played a key role in my recovery.

29 February, 2016

-- Cheryl Hommes from Ashtabula, OH

My energy level is at an all time high!

Tammy, About 6 months ago I started taking Better than Greens. I figured, "What the heck, what have I got to lose?" So I gave it a try. Well, let me tell you, it is the greatest thing I ever did! My energy level is at an all time high! A few years ago I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I was taking 2 pills 4 times a day. Now, believe it or not, I am off all the medication and feeling better than ever! No more Ulcerative Colitis! Try it, you'll like it!

29 February, 2016

-- Tony Espirito from Geneva, OH

I lost almost 50 lbs, and I owe it mostly to BTG!

Tammy, I have been meaning to write you for a while to let you know what we think of the Better Than Greens. My mornings if started out with a BTG drink is always much more productive and I have the energy to fulfill the house chores and even extra. It used to be when I would get home from work at 5, it took all I had to even think of getting dinner ready, but about 3 months into taking the BTG's, I was able to not just shut down and let the family fend for themselves. We are now back to family meals around the dinner table TOGETHER again. It has given me the youthful energy to keep up with our teenagers. It is to the point now that if I don't take it my whole day is shot. I'm one that needs it in the morning to get me cleansed out for the day (if you know what I mean :)). I've now been on BTG for 2 years and the month of January was so hectic that I didn't have time to take it. Well it wasn't but a few weeks that the pain in my legs (which is thought to be Fibromyalgia) came back with a tangent. I never thought much about the fact that the pain wasn't there when I was on it. But by going off of it for a few weeks it made itself know immediately. I made the effort to get back onto BTG and within one day I noticed a significant difference and 3 days later it is still improving. All I know is that it works for the leg pain and I will try not to go off it again. And on top of all this, I lost almost 50 lbs, and I owe it mostly to BTG! Your happy customer, Thanks, and God bless

29 February, 2016

-- Sherrie Janz from Madison, OH

People are always telling me I seem like I have so much energy

I have taken the "Better than Greens" for some time now. The thing that I notice the most from it is the energy I have. Everywhere I go, people are always telling me I seem like I have so much energy. That is quite a compliment to me being that one of the biggest complaints of people today is lack of energy. In the past, I had quit taking it for a short time and noticed right away that I required more sleep.

29 February, 2016

-- Tammy Bowman from Conneaut, OH

BTG have been a wonderful addition to our diet

I am sending this email to say thank you for so many things. First, thank you for updating your customers on your site about the things that are going on in the business and in your family life. It makes me, a customer feel like a friend and that is very rare. Secondly, thank you for being the vessel through which God is bringing this product to our home. My husband and I run an international ministry, which is fulfilling but very demanding of our time, since we are still in the building phase and him and I are wearing many hats in the business. In addition to taking of our two girls (one 4 yrs old is being home schooled we have an 11 month old). BTG have been a wonderful addition to our diet, providing us with the extra energy we need. We had not purchased any, the last month or so because money was tight, my husband called me yesterday from the office and said honey order the BTG, I feel the difference it makes when I don’t take it. At that point it became a priority financially because we know that we cannot do the work required from us in the ministry if we are too tired. We are not vegetarians, but we are conscious of our diet and try to stay away from unhealthy eating habits and combine exercise with our normal routine. Anyway, I didn’t mean to say so much, but I just wanted to say thank you for your business and I will keep you and your family in my prayer. I would love your prayers as well.May God prosper the works of your hand as you continue to commit your ways to HIM. Thanks again

29 February, 2016

-- Gina from Falls Church, VA

I noticed a big change in my energy-level

Tammy, I just had to write & tell you how wonderful your Better than Greens are, it has really made a difference in our lives since we've been taking it in March of 2001. Not only has it given us a boost of energy, but has also helped heal my husband's hands. He has to wear gloves all day where he works...his hands were dry, cracked and sore. Now they are much smoother. I noticed a big change in my energy-level. I was up and ready to go at 7 am each day, getting most of my work done before my 7 year old woke up. I was beginning to lose inches on my hips and thighs this summer then I got pregnant. We just experienced three miscarriages in less than 2 years...4 1/2 months later, (now 8 months later) the baby is growing and we are doing fine. I am glad we were at your store the day you were telling others about it, or we would never have tried it, and I wouldn't be expecting our 2nd child! I have been telling everyone how good it works!

29 February, 2016

-- Mary Herrman from Conneaut, OH

Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD)

Dear Al & Tammy, During March of this year my doctor informed me I had what she believed to be Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD). Doctors believe that the bottom line factor of this condition is too much insulin running around in a person's body which causes all kinds of problems. My doctor explained that I wasn't diabetic, although I have a predisposition for it. When I wet into her office my main complaints were always being tired and struggling all my life with being overweight. I had other physical symptoms and blood work results that confirmed my doctor's diagnosis. My body was getting a false sense of being hungry a short while after eating because of the over abundance of insulin. This was also contributing to the loss of energy I was feeling throughout my day and the struggle to loose weight. My Dr.'s idea was to put me on an insulin sensitizer along with a no carbohydrate diet. I would have to get my liver checked while on this medication because it was so toxic. I was very nervous about going to such drastic measures. I started doing some research. I foud information on the Internet and in some nutritioal healing books on PCOD, obesity and nutrition. I came into Roesch's and received some more helpful information on nutrition and the Better than Greens. I put all the information together. Everything supported each other. I decided on a few things. I told my Dr. that I wasn't comfortable going on the medication. The information I read said this drug was to be used when diet alone had failed. We had yet to talk about a nutritioal over haul for me! I also decided to replace my white flour and refined sugar intake with whole grains and healthy foods. One of the best decisions I made was to start on your Better than Greens! I can't say enough about how much better I feel since I started drinking Better than Greens on a regular basis. I noticed a difference within the first week. I immediately started feeling more alert and less tired. Day by day I continued feelig better. my complexion became more colorful and smoother. My husband says I look ten years younger! Is that a compliment or what? Believe me, it curbs appetite! Great for weight loss! I have also lost forty pounds! I don't believe I could have done it without the Better than Greens. I believe my body is now getting what it was so desperately lacking before. Compared to last year, I feel like a new person. In fact I didn't realize just how bad I was really feeling until I started taking the Better than Greens, and started feeling better! I want to thank you for taking the time to talk with me when I came into your store, for having all the things I need to stay on a nutritionally sound path and for the Better than Greens! I am truly grateful! May God continue to bless you!

29 February, 2016

-- Christine S. Koch from Geneva, OH

Thank God that He has chosen to use you

Hope you are doing fine with your work. Thank God that He has chosen to use you in order that those who are suffering with various disease may get cured through your "better than greens" I Am having what they call neurofibromatosis, I have a very big swelling on my left hand, on the head neck and leg, since I was six. Am now 28.I was always tired and every now and then I fell sick because I use to lack so many minerals and some vitamins in ma body. I have used multivitamin tablets for many years without success till when I was sent "Better Than Greens" by my Mom who is in The US. NOW WILL you please be kind enough to send me another package of your product? I am in Tanzania and my address is ... My mom Grace Mbwambo has talked to you,I have just wrote to thank you for your good service ,Blessed.

29 February, 2016

-- Hilda from Tanzania, East Africa

I have more energy

I'm so thankful for the Better than Greens- I'm 65 years old and ever since I've been taking it, I have more energy and I feel better than I've felt in years. I've been telling everyone here in Elmira about it! Thank you and God Bless!

29 February, 2016

-- Ruby Adams from Elmira, NY

Low Blood Iron

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your product! I was having trouble giving blood because my iron was low. It was fine as far as iron levels go, but I couldn't get it up high enough for blood donation which I like to do. Just last week I was able to give for the 1st time in a year. I also just ran my first 1/2 marathon and have enjoyed the energy your product gives me throughout the day and for workouts. I don't get that afternoon sluggish feeling and that I love!

29 February, 2016

-- Cathy Sebastian

Breast Cancer

I wanted to thank you once again for the shipment of Better than Greens. I have found tremendous help from the product. I started taking it just for the benefit of having the greens be a larger part of my diet. I have gone through treatment for breast cancer and removal of my lymph nodes under my arm. I have now found that Better than Greens is something I need on a very consistent basis and only found this out as I ran out of product for a length of time. I have a condition called Lymph edema (sometimes occurs following the removal of the lymph nodes). Through trial and error I have found that by taking this product along with another supplement, I am able to keep it pretty much under control. I have just gone about a week or week and half and I am experiencing significant problems with the edema. Thank you for the great product and prompt delivery. I have no doubt the edema will be taken care of in no time.

29 February, 2016

-- Patty from Michigan

Non Hopkins Lymphoma

My name is Garnette and I have Non Hopkins Lymphoma. I took 9 treatments of chemo and have my bloods counts down so low the doctor had to stop the treatments. My white blood count was 0.7 and my red blood count was 9. My mother told me about Better Than Greens and I started taking it. I noticed the next day that I had more energy than I have had for a long time. After about 5 months of taking BTG's my white blood count is 3 and my red is 11. The tumors in my chest and abdomen area are gone and I'm feeling wonderful. I have also starting to take the NATURAL CALM and that helps with all the symptoms I was having. The Lord is truly wonderful and loving. I cannot thank you enough for this product and the remarkable results I am having with it. I tell everyone I know about it and even if you are not sick you should take BTG's my family has started to take it now...even my 90 year old grandmother who wants more energy is buying a case. God bless you and your family as you continue to spread the Good News of healing with BTG's. Your Sister-In-Christ,

29 February, 2016

-- Garnette S. Dykes

I am thankful

I have seen Better Than Greens help many family members and friends. I would like to share one true life story. My father-in-law was given one week to live and my children and I flew right out to California to be with him. Only four months previously, he was diagnosed with cancer of his lungand esophagus, a life long cigarette smoker. Within those four months, the cancer had spread so quickly to almost all his major organs. I brought Better Than Greens with us. When we got there he was being tube-fed, and was unable to eat real food. I presented him the green drink, and even in his condition, he was skeptacle to take it. His girlfriend finally convinced him to put it through the tube. Better Than Greens extended my father-in-law's life two months. He was able to eat real food. That was one of his last wishes. He was actually able to get down near the beach in his wheelchair and watch many sunsets. He gained so much life force and energy. From the state he was in, to being able to get up, eat, and actually live his last days was a miracle. I try to make it part of my mission when I run into people with cancer, or any ailment, to use Better Than Greens. The magic lies in the healing properties within the whole organic foods and herbs. I am thankful if I can help one person live a healthier happier life. Peace.

29 February, 2016

-- Dina Biscotti

My body loves and craves it

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how fabulous Better Than Greens is! I have two (sometimes three) servings a day, and it is without a doubt the best tasting green drink around, bar none! My body loves and craves it. Enclosed please find a check for $75.00 for three more jars - Yikes, I am down to my last one! Thanks again for such a great product! Kind Regards,

29 February, 2016

-- Susie from Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hello Roesch’s

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results so far with my purchase of BTG. I have been taking it now for about 3 weeks and taking 2tsp. a day and will increase it now to 3 times a day. I don't require as much sleep at night, I don't have body aches and pains when I get up. My knees no longer have pain/stiffness. My varicose veins are much lighter in color and the circulation in my legs has improved. I feel more awake during the day. I also have eczema and haven't had a breakout since taking the BTG. I am still in shock over the improvements. I used to take 10-15 different herbs/vitamins per day and no longer take any of them, just the BTG. The only side effects I had were slight cramps for 3-4 days. I can't thank you enough for this amazing product, I will be telling all my friends/family. Thanks again,

29 February, 2016

-- Alvina from Manistee, MI

The best tasting green product I have ever tried

Today I got the BTG product and I must say it is the best tasting green product I have ever tried, and I have tried a lot of them. Thank you Tammy for such a fine and tasty green product. God bless you

29 February, 2016

-- Jerry Lassiter from Greenville, N.C.

The best tasting green powder

My husband and I are so pleased with Better Than Greens. It is the best tasting green powder I have ever taken. I feel more energy since I started taking this. I know this is the best green food product on the market today and both of us will be taking it until we are off of this earth. Thank you so much!

29 February, 2016

-- Barb Wohlbrandt

Thanks again!

Al & Tammy, Better than Greens is the best thing I've put into my body. I wish I would have started years ago. Although at 53, I'm really feelig pretty good.I went on vacation to Florida last week and forgot to take my Better than Greens with me. Guess what? I missed it! I couldn't wait til this week ad I'm back on it and what a difference! It really give you that kick that you need to start your day. Thanks again! I'm telling all my friends about Better than Greens!

29 February, 2016

-- Bob Goss from Meadville, PA

The taste is 10,000 times

Regarding the BTG- I take it daily; I haven't noticed anything yet, (only been taking it a week) but I believe that it is only good for your body-it has to be. I will clearly say that the taste is 10,000 times better than that Barley green stuff. In the past I tried that for about 5 days and couldn't hack it. I look forward to the taste, I put two tablespoons in orange juice.

29 February, 2016

-- George Hill from GA

God Bless!

Thank you for your prompt service in getting your product Better Than Greens to us! We are thoroughly pleased with this wonderful product! The taste is wonderful and the color of the drink is fantastic! We know that we are getting a top quality product with great health benefits! After many years of green drinks, we have found the best one!

29 February, 2016

-- Steve and Glenda House


"I wanted to share this with you....I went to the doctor and had something called Biophotonic testing, which tells you how well your vitamins are working for you, and my results were 44,000. The doctor had not heard of anyone with a score this high before. The chart only goes to 40,000. The only thing it could be as far as I can tell would be the BTG's .I only take 1 T/per day and have not been taking it for very long. Just thought you might be interested in knowing this. Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!"

29 February, 2016

-- Teresa Steadman from IDAHO

It has greatly helped my Anemia. I love it!

Tammy, I have been using the BTG ever since I have received it. (Two months ago). I take at least 2 Tablespoons per day. One AM and one PM. It has greatly helped my Anemia. I love it! My nails used to have ridges in them and now they are smooth and look great. Thanks!

29 February, 2016

-- Debra from Raybern, TX

My lab results showed no signs of anemia after using BTG

I'm a customer of yours and one of my friends, Joan is now ordering from you and I just ordered two more samples for other friends that are interested. I was quite anemic (had to have a blood test before surgery in June). I have to have another surgery this coming week, but the good news is that my lab results showed no signs of anemia and I totally credit the greens. So, just wanted to drop a note to say thank you. BTW, do you have any kind of wholesale program? I'm building a website and would love to feature your product. Thanks!

29 February, 2016

-- Jennifer from Murrieta, CA

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your product!

It was fine as far as iron levels go, but I couldn't get it up high enough for blood donation which I like to do. Just last week I was able to give for the 1st time in a year. I also just ran my first 1/2 marathon and have enjoyed the energy your product gives me throughout the day and for workouts. I don't get that afternoon sluggish feeling and that I love!

29 February, 2016

-- Cathy Sebastian

What a great product

Dear Tammy, As for the Better than Greens, what a great product. My whole family has been on claritan or some other type of medication since moving to The Woodlands almost 3 years ago. It gets worse this time of the year when all the cold fronts start blowing in from up North. However, approximately 6 weeks ago, we began taking your Better than Greens and notice several things happening. First, we noticed that our hunger cravings started to disappear. It really curbs appetite! You know - the invasion of the refrigerater that happens every night around 9 pm. Usually at this time of the season I am scratching my eyes out and sneezing my head off. I hate taking claritan because it dries me out so bad. Then I noticed that I did not need that claritan anymore...and my wife stated she had taken the kids off to see what would happen. They no longer needed the claritan either. Then I noticed that the kids were not passing out around 2-3 pm after lunch but were wanting to play - they stopped complaining of being tired. I noticed my own energy level increase as well. I don't understand all the ingredients and what they are supposed to do, but, I do understand the changes that have occurred and am grateful that you have developed such a product. Thank you most sincerely,

29 February, 2016

-- Mark Lavespere from (B.S. Kinesiology/Personal Trainer) Texas


I've had arthritis for eight years and also have had allergies for the past five years. After taking Better than Greens since its inception, (approximately 1 year ago), allergies are now non-existant. The pain I experienced in my knees, shoulders and neck from the arthritis is nearly gone. Now I can exercise without pain. The feeling of general well being is wonderful. Better than Greens, along with proper nutrition and exercise have changed my life from that of living with suffering and pain, to one of motivation because of feeling well again and practically pain-free from the arthritis. Thanks, Al and Tammy, for a truly great product!

25 February, 2016

-- Joseph Scaglione from Girard, OH

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