Dandelion Celebration: A Guide to Unexpected Cusine

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If you can't beat them, eat'em, is one way to look at it. Of course, there are also health and nutritional benefits, the great taste (when you complement them with the right ingredients to mask the bitterness),and the wide varietyof ways to prepare dandelion roots, flowers and greens wether harvested from uncontaminated land or bought in the grocery store. This book is the definitive guide to enjoying dandelions in everything from breads, casseroles and pizza to wine, coffee, and dessert. Discover the history and the nutritional and medicinal properties of this lawnscaping arch villain as you learn how to pick, prepare and savor every part of the plant. 160 pages, 9 photos, 5.5" x8.5" paperback (ISBN 1-879863-51-0)

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