Flora Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey is a Honey Like NO OTHER Honey!

Mauka Honey has a long history of traditional use in New Zealand. Unfortunately, since global demand has skyrocketed, counterfeit manuka honey is on the rise.

Here Is How To Get the REAL Manuka Honey:

1.  Look for UMF™.  Reputable manuka honey brands are licensed by New Zealand's Unique Mauka Factor Honey Association™. The UMF™ trademark guarantees that  your manuka honey has been third-party tested to ensure it contains three signature compounds.  The higher the UMF™ rating, the higher the concentration of these compounds.

2. Choose Your Grade.  Methylglyoxal (MGO) is the compound responsible for some of mauka honey's unique properties and forms the basis of the UMF™ grading system.  The higher the MGO number, the higher the grade of manuka honey.

3. Trace it Back.  Transparent manufacturers include a traceability system right on the label. Using your smartphone, you can scand the code to trace your jar of honey back to the source.

Flora Mauka Honey is:

  • UMF™ Certified
  • MGO-graded
  • 100% traceable - scan the NFC tag on the label to access batch, region, lab test and UFM™ certification info
  • Sourced from an eco-friendly 100% Maori-owned beekeeping operation in New Zealand.

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