For Cancer

There is ONLY ONE thing in this world that REALLY fights cancer, and that is YOUR OWN IMMUNE-SYSTEM.  So if you or your loved one have been told you have cancer, the first thing you need to do is to PRAY and ask God to teach you HOW to build your Immune-System.  If I were given the news that I had cancer, there are two things I'd start on immediately:  Better Than Greens and the Flora Flor Essence Tea (AKA the Cancer Tea).  And I'd make some RADICAL changes in my diet. I'd cut out all meat, refined sugars and refined flours, dairy products and junk foods.  I'd eat a VEGAN diet. (CAUTION:  Don't cut out everything at once, get a good cookbook, do some research, learn to make new recipes, so that as you take something out of your diet, you can replace it with something healthy.  You are not supposed to starve to death! Just change from unhealthy food to healthy food.)  Lifestyle changes may be necessary also.  No more late suppers, no eating in between meals, eat your biggest meal in the morning....and lots of other things that many if not most people, have never been taught.  There is an EXCELLENT book called, "ABUNDANT HEALTH", by Julious Gilbert White.


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